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Are dogs cold?

Are dogs cold?

The drastic drops in temperatures cause a sensation of cold evident in the human being. Sensitivity to this change in temperatures allows measures to be taken to maintain body heat, but in some animals, there are doubts about whether they feel cold or not. In the case of dogs, there is no unanimous consensus on whether they are cold or which breeds are the most sensitive to low temperatures. However, by observing the behavior of the little furry you can detect if it is cold, since there are unequivocal symptoms that prove it. Even so, it is convenient that you know the protection that dogs have in their body against low temperatures, in addition, we provide you with the coldest breeds. Remember this expression? It goes like this: it’s cold dogs.

Are dogs cold

To find out if dogs are cold, the most frequent signs and how to prevent them from suffering from it, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Are dogs cold or not?

If you’re wondering if dogs are cold, here’s the answer. Dogs have a layer of fat on the skin that acts as a heat protectant, as well as the hair protects dogs from the cold. Normally, the hair of dog’s sheds twice a year (spring and autumn) so that their body is prepared for temperature changes. However, having a layer of fat on the skin does not mean that dogs are not cold, since they can have it for different reasons. One of them has to do with the fury of some breeds, sometimes it is very short and is insufficient to isolate them from low temperatures. We point out that the coolest dog breeds are greyhounds, chihuahuas, Argentine dogs, basset hounds and beagles. However, any dog can be cold in specific circumstances, such as in extremely low temperatures or on rainy days. Thus, a dog with cold will act differently. You must carefully observe their behavior and, if you notice any symptoms of cold, you must act accordingly.

How to tell if my dog is cold

There are clarifying signs when it comes to detecting if your dog is cold. Tremors or chills, having a cold body or ears, continuous whining or the urge to curl up are some of them. Do not miss the consequences of cold in dogs:

Tremors or chills

The reaction of dogs to cold is very similar to that of humans. Tremors and chills are some of the ways the body reacts to try to stay warm. If you want to know all the reasons for tremors, do not miss this article on Why my dog trembles.

Cold ears

Cold ears in dogs are a good thermometer to check if they are getting cold. In this case, if the ears are cold, especially the edges, you probably have. If you’re wondering how dogs feel about temperature, keep in mind that if the body is cold instead of hot, your dog is getting pretty cold.


Whining or barking complaints are your dog’s way of letting you know he’s uncomfortable. One of the reasons that can explain this discomfort is the cold you have at that moment.

Desire to snuggle

The position your dog is resting in is also a sign of being cold or not. If it is placed as a ball or in a hunched position, putting the tail between the legs and with tremors, it is probably because it is cold. In these positions, he will try to warm up by taking advantage of the heat given off by his body.

Other symptoms that show cold in dogs are as follows:

  • Skin stiffness and dryness.
  • Sleepiness
  • Slow breathing rate.

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How to avoid cold in dogs

Keeping a close eye on your furry friend is always important, but it becomes even more important during days of extremely low temperatures. If your dog shows signs of any of the symptoms described in the previous section, act immediately by taking any of the following precautions to try to keep him warm:

  • To keep their paws warm during walks in wet and very cold conditions, protect them by putting on canine boots.
  • If your furry little one is especially sensitive to cold, you can buy him a dog sweater tailored to his breed and even a dog blanket.
  • Is your dog one of those who needs and enjoys being outdoors for long periods of time? To protect you from adverse weather conditions, create or purchase a shed that suits your physical characteristics and needs. In addition, install inside the house a comfortable bed with a blanket to rest in it without getting cold.
  • If you wonder if you have to cover the dogs to sleep, we answer that it is not necessary. You just have to place your bed near a radiator so that it receives more heat, but take precautions with enough distance so that it does not burn.
  • Can dogs sleep outside in winter? Well, if your dog is very cold you should avoid sleeping away from home.
  • Try to keep the house at a comfortable temperature, even when you’re away. Your little furry will thank you.
  • Food also plays an important role: it provides more caloric foods to your dog so that he has more energy and his body is more protected from low temperatures.
  • Try not to cut your hair during the winter except to heal, as it is one of its thermal protectors.

Now that you know that dogs are cold, don’t miss this article to learn more details on how to protect pets from the cold. Your furry will thank you!

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