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BARF diet for cats: benefits and how to do it

BARF diet for cats: benefits and how to do it

The most widespread food in cats is feed, but it may not be the most suitable or complete for the nutritional needs of the animal. In this sense, the BARF diet is increasingly popular in both dogs and felines for the benefits it brings to health, such as avoiding obesity problems and healthier joints. Despite being a diet that is still in the study phase, it seems clear that it is a healthier alternative to processed cat food.

BARF diet for cats benefits and how to do it

Raw food is gaining more popularity for the great benefits it brings to the body of cats. The acronym of this diet has as meaning Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, whose main idea is a diet as similar as possible to that of a feline in the wild. To find out more about the benefits of the BARF diet for cats and how to do it, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.

What is it and benefits of the BARF diet for cats

Do you know what the BARF diet for cats is? It is based on the following items:

  • Around 60-80% of the meal should be composed of raw meat, whether turkey, chicken or neck, for example.
  • Only 10% of feline feed consists of striped raw vegetables.
  • It is advisable to add between 15% and 20% rabbit, lamb or duck meat at least twice a week.
  • It is advisable to add egg to the cat diet about 5 times a week.
  • On a weekly basis, you can add fish and organ meats to your feline’s diet.

Avoid the following mistakes when preparing a BARF diet for cats:

  • Excess flours, starches and cereals.
  • Raw pork.
  • If you provide fish to your cat, it should be refrigerated before adding it to any food to avoid bacteria.
  • If you give them bones, they should contain some meat and always be raw, because when cooked they can splinter and drown the cat if it eats them.

The main argument behind the BARF diet for cats is that, despite the evolutionary adaptation experienced by the animal, its organism remains the same. That is, they process protein better. The quality of processed food could affect your health, and can cause diseases in the feline such as pancreatitis and kidney failure.

Benefits of the BARF diet for cats

  • Avoid problems of obesity, overweight and lethargy.
  • Healthier joints, avoiding certain related diseases.
  • Show off a shinier coat.
  • Recover the cat’s natural active attitude.
  • Without ingesting carbohydrates, the smell of feces will be less unpleasant.
  • Raw food contains large amounts of water, allowing you to reduce fluid intake.

Through this eating plan, you will give you’re a natural diet, very similar to that of wild cats, that is, with the necessary nutrients (protein, taurine, vitamins, fats and amino acids) and in sufficient quantities. You will also avoid the harmful effects of processed food due to chemicals, the high proportions of flour and cereals and the preservatives it contains.

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How to make the BARF diet for cats

To properly prepare the BARF diet for cats, in OneHowTo we give you the following recommendations:

  1. Chop both meat and bones well. You can also order the meat already minced in the butcher shop.
  2. Add heart, egg and vegetables.
  3. Mix the ingredients well so that they are all integrated into the preparation.
  4. Add a little fish oil depending on your cat’s weight.

In order not to have to prepare this dish daily, you can wrap it in plastic wrap and freeze it. You take out the necessary amounts the night before and let them thaw. Remember to avoid using condiments, salt, sauces or similar or oil. Neither chive, garlic, onion or garlic. Your feline does not need any of these ingredients, plus they can cause some kind of allergic reaction or be toxic to your body.

Drawbacks of the BARF diet for cats

Despite the great benefits exposed throughout the article on the BARF diet for cats, there are some discrepancies about the convenience of this type of feeding for the animal. One of the most used arguments is that it does not make sense to continue feeding felines as their ancestors, using the human reference, since the current human being does not feel like primates.

Wild animals are able to assimilate a greater amount of nutrients from processed and/or prepared foods. Therefore, some critics of the BARF diet claim that raw diets do not have to be harmful, but the digestibility is lower and, because of this, your cat’s body will take advantage of fewer nutrients.

In any case, you should be aware that if you decide to feed your feline with the BARF diet, you assume a great responsibility. If you are not willing to inform yourself in depth about this matter, paying attention to the quality of the raw materials chosen and carefully preparing the meals, in we recommend opting for processed food for the welfare of the animal.

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