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Breeds of flat cats

Breeds of flat cats

Cats have different physical traits that serve to classify them in different ways. Brachycephalians are those that have a flat face and a short muzzle. This denomination and appearance is shared with some breeds of dogs, such as pugs and bulldogs. Despite being adorable to our eyes, this trait entails some health problems, even presenting breathing problems in brachycephalic felines with this very marked trait.

Breeds of flat cats

However, knowing their physical characteristics and having basic notions of their care and handling, you can have flat cats and provide them with a healthy and happy life. But what are brachycephalic kittens? To discover the main breeds of flat cats and their physical peculiarities, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.

British shorthair

This breed of cat came out from that of the classic English domestic cat. It has a muscular and stocky body, a fluffy, thick and dense coat and a characteristic flat face. Usually has a good character and friendly behavior; therefore, it is one of the most popular feline breeds in the United Kingdom.

The British shorthair is calm and docile, so you can live with it without any problem. It is perfect to give company to the family, also with children, since it usually has a good relationship with children. It is a simple breed to care for and that adapts quickly to life in houses or indoor apartments, but provided that they are accompanied for much of the time by their human family and, if possible, other cats or animals.


The bombay was bred during the 1950s to assimilate a black panther and, in fact, is all black, right down to its nose and lips. It is the result of the cross between an American black shorthair cat with a Burmese sable cat. The bombay looks very similar to the Burmese, but with a longer body and legs.

Its fur is short and jet black, with coppery or green eyes. It is medium-sized, has a muscular constitution and has a slightly flattened face in the muzzle area. It is very sociable and is an excellent company for any family. They are intelligent, playful and friendly cats. It is found in the lists of the most affectionate breeds. Here you can learn more about the most affectionate cat breeds.


It is an original cat from the United Kingdom, which emerged in the early 1930s. Its name corresponds to its origin: Burmese and chinchilla, since it was developed by the crossing of these two races. They are felines with elegant, slender and muscular bodies with a size between small and medium.

The Burmilla has a silver coat with a makeup appearance that covers the face and a flat and pink nose, these being its most outstanding physical characteristics. He is quite independent, although he is also able to forge a strong bond with his family. Generally, it is a sociable, intelligent, playful feline breed with a good relationship with children.


The Burmese is a cat native to Burma and developed in the United States and the United Kingdom. It has a stocky, muscular body, with a short, shiny coat and a flattened face. It is known for its sociability and cheerfulness, as it usually has a puppy cat temperament until reaching advanced adulthood. In addition, you can easily teach him to look for things and obey simple commands, creating games with him and a great bond.


This breed arose from the cross between a Siamese and a Persian. It looks quite similar to a Persian cat, even has a flat face, but the Himalayan has an athletic and slender body typical of the Siamese. Its fur is dense, the typical color of Siamese twins and, normally, has blue eyes.

The behavior of this breed is calm, friendly and patient. They are cats with great family roots, so they crave affection and attention. They are sociable and have a good relationship with other pets in most cases.

Exotic shorthair

It is a cat bred as a Persian cat version with short, fluffy hair. It is similar to this breed practically in the rest of aspects, both in the flat face and in the color and even its temperament. The coat of the exotic shorthair is denser and shorter and is also more playful and livelier than the Persian.

Being a lap feline, he loves to snuggle up with his family. It is precisely one of the most affectionate breeds of cats that exist. He is gentle, calm and loving in nature.

Scottish Fold

It is recognized for having ears bent forward because of a genetic mutation. The Scottish fold is a medium-sized cat that features a wide variety of colors and coat combinations and a flat face.

Generally, they are good-tempered cats and sociable with other breeds and pets, as well as humans, including the smallest of the household. They are also playful and can sometimes become stubborn. They do not tolerate loneliness well, so they can become depressed if they spend a lot of time alone at home.

Flat-faced Munchkin

The flat-faced munchkin is popularly known as a dachshund cat. It is a very recent breed, characterized by having very short legs due to a genetic mutation. The rest of the characteristics vary greatly, since there are those with a flat or flat face and there are those who have it longer or who have folded ears or, on the contrary, large in proportion to their face.

It is a controversial breed because some breeders show concern about its mobility problems, caused mainly by its short legs and long back. Even so, this physical characteristic does not prevent him from jumping and running, but he does do it less easily than other cats and, over time, leads to problems.

Here you can read about How to care for a munchkin cat and here you can meet more Breeds of small cats.


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