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Can cats eat olives?

Can cats eat olives?

Cats are one of the most common animals in the family. Many people live with one or more felines to have their company and take care of them properly. Among the needs that you must cover if you decide to adopt a kitten is its diet so that it grows and develops both physically and mentally. And if you eat foods like olives, the temptation to give you some is high.

Can cats eat olives

Sharing foods from the human diet with your cat can be positive as long as you make sure that their intake does not harm their health and even provides certain nutritional benefits. Therefore, it is important that you know more details about the convenience of giving olives to a feline. To find out if cats can eat olives, why they like them so much and how to give them to them, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Can cats eat olives or not?

Cats can eat olives, but not in any form. It is important to take into account the amount provided since, as with dogs, felines suffer indigestion when their body is unable to properly digest certain foods or portions of food.

If you have a kitten and it is the first time you give him one or more olives to try, the chances of vomiting or indigestion are 50%. In the case of suffering any of these inconveniences for your health, do not continue giving this food under any circumstances because it will be harmful.

It is also important to know which olives cats can eat. These animals eat black or common olives. Regardless of the type they are, you should pay close attention to the reaction of your feline moments after ingesting them to check their convenience.

Why cats like olives

If you have cats at home and eat olives, you have probably noticed that they love the aroma that this food gives off. And if you have given them some, you will also know that they like them very much. But do you know why?

The instinct to hunt for food, natural in a feline, is noticeable in many aspects of its behavior: the way it acts, walks and when something captures its attention, its eyes are fixed with determination on it.

As far as olives are concerned, the reaction of a cat is quite unusual. By having them nearby, you will sell them, they will want to rub their body with them and even get to play in some cases. And, above all, they will want to have contact with food.

Due to this contact, both the legs with which they touch the olives and the olives themselves are licked quite often. And it is that this food acts as an aphrodisiac for felines. An aphrodisiac is a substance that, in contact with the body of a human or animal, manages to excite its organism completely.

Taking into account the aphrodisiac power of olives, it can be stated that the intake of this food provides great pleasure in cats, as long as it is produced in small quantities.

Benefits of giving olives to my cat

Giving olives to your cat can be very beneficial for the animal if you do it in small quantities and responsibly. Your body will get several benefits from eating the food, such as:

  • Eating olives allows you to purge the digestive system of the feline and detoxify its body.
  • Olives provide a lot of energy to the animal for several days and gives benefits in their breaks.
  • Giving your cat olives is one of the best methods to lubricate their joints.
  • The smell and taste of olives stimulates cats: it provides them with calm and relaxation. A convenience or comfort that allows them to lower their guard and rest better.

Despite its many benefits, there are also contraindications to giving olives to my cat. They are as follows:

  • The bones of olives can cause severe stomach pains, obstruct their airways and cause a lot of damage to the body. Therefore, if you plan to give this food to your pussycat, extract the stone or opt for pitted olives.
  • There are many types of olives, including those filled with spice that can be harmful to your stomach.
  • Some olives contain an excess of salt by the cans, which can cause urinary problems to felines.

How to give olives to my cat

After clarifying that cats can eat olives and the benefits that this food brings to the animal’s body, it is important that you know how to give them so that it is not harmful to their health. Avoid giving pitted olives so they don’t cause stomach pains or obstruct their airways.

In addition, from oneHOWTO we recommend that you give them as a reward for good behavior. That is, every two or three days approximately. If you give him olives every day, he may end up getting bored of them over time. In addition, it is not their main food, so they should only eat them occasionally.

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