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Can rabbits eat watermelon?

Can rabbits eat watermelon?

Properly feeding pets is essential for them to develop. Among the care they need, the balanced diet is one of them and in the case of rabbits the same thing happens: although they have their food, on more than one occasion they eat common foods in the diet of the human being such as watermelon.

Can rabbits eat watermelon

Watermelon brings great benefits to a person’s organism, but its impact on that of rabbits is more unknown. Even so, in many cases they are given without being clear about the convenience of fruit in the diet of these animals. To find out if rabbits can eat watermelon, what benefits it has for their health and the best way to give it to your little furry, in a we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Can rabbits eat watermelon or not?

Rabbits CAN eat watermelon even though it is not a food they need by nature. You must bear in mind that watermelon contains sugar and is delicious, both for humans and rabbits, but in the case of these animals they can only ingest it as a whim or reward, because the excess will be harmful to them. Your rabbit’s proper diet is made up of hay, water, fruits, vegetables and granules or feed. You can eat fruits such as watermelon to supplement your diet, but only in small portions.

It is very important that, the first time you give him a food, you do it in small quantities to check how his body digests it. Pay close attention to the first 24 hours after giving watermelon to your furry little one for the first time, especially the stools he makes. If they are softer than usual, you should stop feeding it for a few days with this fruit until its intestinal transit is regulated. If he always makes the same loose stools after eating watermelon, or the food you want to introduce, discard it from his diet.

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What benefits does watermelon have for rabbits?

Despite not being an essential food in the diet of rabbits, watermelon provides interesting benefits for their health. These are the most important:

  • It is a nutritious fruit with a high number of electrolytes and water, so it helps meet the needs of hydration and mineral salts of the animal especially on the hottest days of the year.
  • Watermelon contains vitamins A and C and minerals, such as magnesium, so it contributes to supplementing the nutritional needs of rabbits in this regard.
  • This fruit contains choline, that is, a nutrient that improves rest and sleep quality, brain responses and muscle movements of rabbits.
  • It also provides vitamin B, potassium and antioxidants to your body, which are essential for your health.
  • Watermelon is low in calories, so it also helps maintain a proper weight in rabbits.
  • Its consumption strengthens the immune system and improves the oxygenation of the muscles.
  • It is not a fruit very rich in fiber, but the percentage it contains is effective in regulating intestinal transit.

All the benefits that watermelon brings to the organism of rabbits should be considered within a moderate consumption. If you frequently feed your furry little one watermelon and other sugar-containing foods, he will begin to reject other staples in his diet such as hay and vegetables, something that will put his health at risk.

How to give watermelon to my rabbit

The first rule you must comply with when giving watermelon to your rabbit is to do it in a controlled way, that is, avoid it being daily. In OneHowTo we recommend that you give it once or twice a week maximum so that you get all the benefits of the fruit without feeling bad.

Also, the portions you give should be small. Variety in your diet is essential for it to be balanced: an excess of sugar can affect the bacterial balance of your intestinal tract.

The condition of the fruit is also very important: check that it is not wilted before giving it to him. It is preferable to give a watermelon that is not yet fully ripe than that has withered. Regarding the options of thawed or candied watermelon, the problem is the soft texture it has, so it is better to opt for fresh food or with a frozen cube shape. Here you can know how to know if a watermelon is good.

Watermelon seeds and leaves

As for watermelon seeds, it is essential that you remove them from the portion you give your rabbit because they can obstruct his body and create serious intestinal problems. In most cases they have a hard time processing them, so avoid eating these seeds by removing them previously. If you eat some loose or those that are softer, there should be no problems, but avoid eating the hardest or in quantity.

Rabbits can also eat watermelon leaves since they are used to eating enough herbs and vegetables, but do not force yours: try to give him some and let him determine if he likes them or not.

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