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Dog breeds that get along well with cats

Dog breeds that get along well with cats

The relationship between dogs and cats is a matter of concern for those families who live with the two animals. There is a false belief for a long time according to which dogs and cats get along very badly, so it is necessary to deny it so that there are people willing to adopt both animals in their homes without stigma or prejudice.

Dog breeds that get along well with cats

Although the relationship between dogs and cats can be very good, it is true that there are dog breeds with a greater predisposition to get along with cats. To discover the breeds of dogs that get along well with cats, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Basset hound

It is a breed of dog with excellent behavior that has no problem living and interacting with cats, since it has a great tolerance with other animals. As with any other breed, it is always better to get used to them from a young age, simply because it may be easier to adapt, not because as adults they can no longer adapt. In the event that the dog is already an adult, it will be necessary to have more patience because it is a breed that sometimes stands out for being stubborn.

Here you can discover some tips on how to care for a basset hound.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The cavalier King Charles spaniel is an ideal breed to live with cats. It is a very affectionate and docile dog that loves to please all members of the family, including other pets such as felines. Therefore, you can live quietly with cats and this breed of dog, with mestizos who have part of it, because they tend to have a character with which there will be no problems between them.

We tell you what are the care of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Golden retriever

It is a very balanced and intelligent dog that usually has a great relationship with the whole family. It stands out for its empathy, a factor that makes it one of the ideal little furry ones for people with depression and other types of problems. His ability to empathize and detect the emotions of people and animals in his environment, added to his good humor and docility make the golden retriever a great companion to live at home with cats.

In this article you can learn some tips about golden retriever care.


The beagle is a perfect breed to live in any home. It is an affectionate, intelligent and small breed. It is considered a very friendly breed with cats that live in the same house and with other dogs.

It is necessary that you dedicate time to your little furry to exercise, since it is a dog with a lot of energy that requires activity to release it. In this way, you will avoid accumulating stress and problems of coexistence.

Pug or Pug

The affable character, its small size and the charisma it has make the pug or pug an excellent companion of coexistence for the smallest of the home. They are also quite friendly with cats, since they usually respect them and are happy to play with them as long as the has a good predisposition.

In these other posts you can learn some tips on How to care for a pug and how to educate a pug.

Labrador retriever

It is an intelligent, playful, affectionate, active and simple to educate dog breed. It is very strange that it has some aggressive behavior, so it is an ideal dog to live with other animals such as cats, as well as with the elderly and children.

In addition, you should keep in mind that it is a small furry who does not like solitude, so he will be willing to share time especially with you to be calm and also with the felines you have at home.

Here we tell you how to take care of a Labrador dog and the difference between Labrador and golden retriever.


Bulldogs, both the French bulldog and the English bulldog, are very familiar dogs. They want to participate in all plans, including vacations. Nor do they leave aside new members of the household, whether people or animals, such as cats. Of course, keep in mind that the habitual snoring of bulldogs can intimidate some felines if they are not used to it and it may take them some time to get used to.

Long-haired Collie

It is a dog of serene and calm character, so its training is very simple. Good socialization, frequent training and docility make the long-haired collie or rough collie a dog suitable for living with other pets such as cats. It is a breed very loyal to its family and with an excellent protective instinct.


The habanero bichones is an affectionate and very sweet little furry who loves to please his family. It is an ideal breed for homes with small children, because it has a lot of patience, is affectionate and playful. If it is well educated, has been well socialized and has been cared for from positive reinforcement, it is a dog that can coexist perfectly with other animals, such as rabbits and cats.


The papillon can also live with cats and play with them. He needs to be socialized and a good education to optimize his enormous intelligence, which can become a challenge for the family if he is not trained correctly from puppy and is able to be obedient, always from a positive education and learning everything necessary to understand the dog.

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Other dog breeds that get along well with cats

In addition to the dog breeds that get along well with cats discussed above, there are more that can coexist perfectly with felines. They are as follows:

  • Newfoundland
  • Boston Terrier
  • Poodles
  • Boxer
  • Pekingese
  • Shih tzu
  • Lhasa apso

It should also be borne in mind that mestizos who have part of these breeds may also have a greater tendency to get along with felines. However, in reality, we must bear in mind that getting along better or worse with felines or other animals is a behavior that depends on many factors and not only on genetics and the predisposition that this brings. It will also depend on the character of each dog and cat, as well as the socialization they have had and their experiences related to the other species.

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