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Gray cat breeds

Gray cat breeds

The grey Persian cat, the Egyptian Mau cat, the Turkish Angora, the Common European cat and the Nibelung are some of the grey cat breeds that exist. There are many types of cats, but in particular, gray cats are a very common specimen that we can see often. Their color and aesthetics make them attractive and interesting kittens for many people, although not all are the same.

Gray cat breeds

The truth is that there are numerous differences between races. But if these cats stand out for something, it is for a common element: their gray fur that gives them an unparalleled beauty, elegance and a lot of feline style. In addition, its color is often associated with characteristics such as loyalty and affection. Do you want to know more about this type of felines? Next, in OneHowTo we present different breeds of gray cats and explain their own characteristics, personalities or behaviors.

Grey Persian cat

Although there are many varieties of Persian cats, gray is one of the most famous and desired. It is a descendant of the angora cat, a Turkish species that has existed since ancient times and is still widely recognized today. It has a robust and muscular brain and a rounded head, something that makes it look like a cat with an obese tendency. As for their eyes there is a lot of variety, as they can range from bluish, to greenish or yellowish tones.

In addition to being beautiful cats, gray Persians are characterized by being affectionate, silent and by how much they like to be accompanied, something that makes them always want to attract the attention of anyone to receive pampering, attention and caresses.

Egyptian Mau cat

If we talk about gray cat breeds, the Egyptian Mau (or Egyptian cat), probably, is one of the most interesting that exists. It is a cat from Egypt, a country where cats were revered thousands of years ago. In addition, it has a unique beauty.

The Egyptian Mau has a coat spotted with dark stripes, which it inherited from small African cats, on a particular gray background. In addition, it usually has very large eyes and a deep green color that hypnotizes. And if we talk about the character of this feline, it should be noted that it is a territorial and jealous breed, but at the same time affectionate and friendly with its family members. But what most characterizes him is to be an extremely intelligent and independent cat.

Turkish Angora

Although the Turkish angora is usually a white cat, we can find some specimens with gray fur. It is a cat originally from Turkey and although some people often confuse it with the Persian cat, it has personal characteristics such as its gray, fine, soft and silky fur, although it is usually more abundant both on the neck and tail. In addition, it has a particularity and is that its hind legs are higher than the front and its ears are elongated, something that keeps them always attentive to any situation that occurs around them. As for their eyes, they are usually bluish, greenish or yellow.

The Turkish Angora is a very healthy cat and rarely gets sick, however, it requires pampering and care to extend its life.

American shorthair

If there is a breed of gray cat that has won the hearts of many people worldwide, that is the American shorthair, a cat that has unparalleled agility and intelligence. But, in addition, it stands out for having a very friendly and sociable personality, attributes that make it one of the cats that we can find in any home.

In addition, the American shorthair has numerous physical characteristics that increase its attractiveness. Its head is round and wide and its nose is tiny. His hair is short and usually tends to silver tones that combine with the dark stripes that run through his body. Unmistakable!

Common European cat

Another breed of gray cats that we cannot forget is the common European cat, a breed originating in Europe, although its offspring comes from the African continent. It is a cat that can vary greatly, since it does not have a standard color or size. However, we can find many specimens of common European cat whose fur varies between silver and grayish tones combined with dark stripes that make it a beautiful tabby cat.

The common European cat is independent and loves outdoor activities, including hunting birds or rodents or climbing trees or high areas.


Nebelung is a breed that is born from the crossing of a female longhair breed and a Russian blue male, which makes it a special cat that has the best characteristics of these two worlds. The result? A robust, muscular, very strong, silky skin feline that gives it an almost aristocratic appearance. In addition, it has a very long and populated tail and green or yellowish eyes.

The nebelung is a type of gray cat that stands out for its calm and lazy character, although when activated it usually commits some mischief. They are also affectionate, learn very quickly and usually get along well with other animals.

Russian blue

The Russian blue, also called Russian blue, is a cat that stole the heart of the Russian tsars, and no wonder. They have an athletic bearing, a hypnotizing look and a personal and very special character. As for their physical characteristics, it should be noted that in addition to the bluish gray of their fur, they usually have emerald green eyes, something that gives them greater personality.

And as for their behavior, it should be said that Russian blue cats are usually very loving and it costs them nothing to forge very close bonds with their favorite humans. In addition, they usually demand a lot of activity and stimulation. They don’t stand still!

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