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How is the temperament of the Doberman

How is the temperament of the Doberman

Do you like Dobermans? This breed of dog stands out for its imposing body and a privileged physique, so its physical characteristics are admirable. But when adopting a dog, it is also important to know its character, so you need to know everything about the temperament of the breed to determine if you are really compatible and what it would be like to live at home with the presence of a Doberman.

How is the temperament of the Doberman

And it is that the temperament of the Doberman stands out, among other aspects, for its enthusiasm, its loyalty and fidelity, the confidence that transmits its behavior and for being a guard dog. To find out how the temperament of the Doberman is, the main traits that determine it and if it is a dangerous breed, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Audacity of the Doberman

Dogs that feel fear constantly tend to react aggressively to any potentially dangerous situation: they scratch, bite and fight to protect themselves. On the other hand, a well-trained Doberman faces danger with integrity and without any doubt, that is, without losing control or nerves.

It is a dog trained to instinctively understand if its owner is comfortable with other people. If you consider them as friends, you will treat them as such; Otherwise, it will react by attacking while waiting for the orders of its leader and maximum responsible.

Doberman fidelity

Dobermans can be considered as one-person dogs because of the deep love and fidelity they feel for their referents. In fact, this breed is willing to do anything to protect its family, especially its maximum reference.

This strong bond between the Doberman and its owner can only be built if you get him to respect you and recognize the love he professes for you, in addition to respecting and enhancing all the capabilities he possesses. This is an approach that some people consider dangerous, but it really isn’t.

It is important to understand that it is a temperament with aggressive and instinctive components, but that it only becomes dangerous if your Doberman is not well educated and trained. It is an adorable, playful and affectionate breed as long as it learns to channel its strong character.

Its fidelity and reliability make it an ideal dog to deal with compromising situations, potential dangers and stressful contexts sensitively and intelligently.

Doberman’s protective instinct

The Doberman’s natural bravery enhances its protective instinct, especially great with respect to its leader (legal guardian). Therefore, sometimes it presents an instinctive aggressive behavior that needs to be channeled in a more constructive and manageable way.

Physical activity is a great ally to channel that aggressiveness of the Doberman: posing challenges and physical challenges you will get rid of the energy accumulated in your powerful body. In this sense, your furry friend will always give everything, both physically and mentally, during all the activities you ask him to do, since he will never want to disappoint you.

With physical exercise, training sessions, a variety of games and continuous socialization with other dogs and humans, you will be able to constructively manage the strong protective instinct of your Doberman.

Intelligence and obedience of the Doberman

The Doberman is a very intelligent breed with a great capacity for learning. He can learn by observing, so don’t underestimate him or think he’s thinking about other things while you give him orders and train him.

His great intelligence makes him a very obedient dog in all kinds of situations. Even in the most stressful ones, in which other races would be carried away by their natural instincts, your Doberman will be able to remain loyal and obedient.

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The Doberman as a watchdog

It is a dog that enjoys being always alert and aware of the movements produced at home, with the aim of finding out what all the members of your family are doing. If you can, you also like to be aware of what the neighbors are doing, since in this way you can protect your family more from any suspicious or dangerous visits.

The Doberman is a great guard dog that is happy protecting the family from all the threats it can intuit.

Is the Doberman a dangerous breed?

A Doberman is a fearless breed, as it is aware of its physical power. But being fearless does not mean that she is dangerous: only in situations of danger will she protect her family without any doubt.

Therefore, it is not a dangerous breed; The Doberman can be considered a brave dog since puppyhood. If you are worried about his temperament with children, you can rest assured, as he is very respectful of the little ones. In addition, it is very playful, so you will love to play with them.

Obviously, the education received by a Doberman from puppy will mark both his temperament and the behavior he has with children. If you are well socialized, you will enjoy the presence of the little ones in the home.

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