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How is the temperament of the Maltese bichon

How is the temperament of the Maltese bichon

The Maltese is one of the dog breeds with a charming personality. It is a very docile and good dog, so it is a pleasure to have your company for any family. And it is that one of its peculiarities is to be what is known as lap dog, that is, a small furry that loves to spend all the time with his loved ones.

How is the temperament of the Maltese bichon

With a puppy face that retains over the years, the Maltese is adorable both for the physical appearance and for its behavior. It is very expressive and constantly stays alert, but also stands out for being an affable, affectionate and calm dog. To find out what the temperament of the Maltese bishop is like, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Family and companion dog

It is an especially familiar dog, since it loves to be in the company of its loved ones. He is very comfortable surrounded by all family members, being especially affectionate and “kissing”. In addition, they like to capture attention and, if they have become accustomed to it as a puppy, they usually like to be held in their arms or on the lap of one of their human companions.

They are not independent at all, but on the contrary, they have enough dependence. Therefore, it is convenient that you do not leave many hours alone at home because you can accumulate too much stress and fall into a deep state of sadness, although this can happen to any dog that has not been taught the necessary adaptation. Separation anxiety is one of the main problems that can appear. Normally, it can be corrected with a good positive education, but in extreme cases it may require re-education, therapy and even medication. This is only recommended in dogs that are not able to tolerate even 5 minutes of solitude and always under the diagnosis and prior prescription of a veterinarian. Here you can learn some tips on how to treat separation anxiety in dogs, in case it were the case.

Although they are very familiar dogs, they tend to create a much closer bond with one or two family members more than with others. This happens especially with those with whom you spend more time or from whom you get more positive things.

Fun and affectionate

The Maltese is a very affectionate dog that is usually receptive to receiving pampering and caresses. If you give him affection, he will try to reciprocate to show you the love and gratitude he feels towards you.

Spending time with this dog ensures moments of fun as they are very funny. He loves to play and that you pay attention to him. We recommend that you play every day with him, but also allow him to play with other people, other dogs and other animals, so he will improve his socialization and his general condition.

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Polite and sociable

This little furry is usually sociable. Although at first, they are a bit reluctant to strangers, they are quite friendly with everyone. They need their time to establish a positive bond with strangers.

However, Maltese bichones can also have a skittish temperament if they have been treated inappropriately as puppies. Therefore, they need more time and more patience on your part.

Regarding his socialization with other dogs and animals, due to his kindness he usually gets along well with them. The only conflict that can arise if you have another pet in the home is jealousy, since the Maltese likes to capture attention and if you lend it to another dog, he can be possessive of his favorite person in the house. It is something that, if it happens, you have to work with positive reinforcement and reeducate it. However, in general, dogs like to have the company of another dog or animal and will appreciate it, especially during the times you leave them alone at home.

Intelligent and curious

They are dogs with great intelligence and are receptive to training. In this sense, the educational process is relatively simple: they learn tricks and assimilate orders easily, reaching out in agility competitions.

The intelligence they have can also become a disadvantage in certain circumstances, since they are very curious and, sometimes, they can stay locked in a room or even trapped somewhere unintentionally.

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Very active

Their behavior is full of activity. At home he likes to distract himself by running from one place to another, playing and following you wherever you go. In addition, he loves to take daily walks and run outdoors.

It is important that you dedicate some time each day to play with him and take at least a couple of walks to channel in this way the great energy he has in his small body. Otherwise, by not meeting your needs, you can accumulate stress and end up developing destructive attitudes and other problems.

Protector with your family

The Maltese is a protective dog with its family and its territory. You will warn your loved ones to protect them from any danger or threat. He does not usually bark much, but he will do so when he detects something out of the ordinary or something that catches his attention and considers that he has to notify his family.

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