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How is the temperament of the rottweiler

How is the temperament of the rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a muscular, robust, dynamic and intelligent dog. Despite his appearance and the reputation of conflictive dog, he can be very affectionate and protective with his family. It has a much more positive temperament than it is popularly considered, since it is seen as a brute dog and even with especially aggressive attitudes that do not correspond to reality in most cases.

How is the temperament of the rottweiler

The personality of all dogs is formed in the first months of life. The education they receive is fundamental to the character and temperament they will have over the years. In the case of the Rottweiler the same thing happens. To find out what the temperament of the Rottweiler is like and whether it is a dangerous breed, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Sociable at home

Regardless of whether you live alone with your Rottweiler or with the rest of the family, it is essential that you raise him properly so that he develops a calm personality. In this way, he will lose shyness, will not be very nervous and his relationship with the rest of the members of the household will be more pleasant.

Rottweilers are usually somewhat aloof dogs, so it’s normal if they’re not around you at all times. Instead, it will follow you if you go a little far to make sure you’re okay. In addition, this breed is tolerant of loneliness, so it is a good dog to spend a few hours alone at home if it is in conditions for it.

As a family, your furry little one will show affectionate and fun behavior. He makes comical sounds when he relaxes and will love to play with you.

Sociable with children

The Rottweiler’s socialization process is fundamental to his relationship with children. If it has been completed correctly, it is a gentle and patient dog with the little ones in the home. As your familiarity increases, the stronger the protective bond that binds you to them.

However, pay even more attention to your dog’s relationship with other children, since it will not be the same as with yours, since he does not know them. Normally, the interaction will not occur the same. In any case, games between the Rottweiler (or any other dog) and children should always be under the supervision of an adult, especially with children who are alien to their own home.

When your Rottweiler considers that “his children” are at risk, he will intervene immediately to protect them, whether the situation really requires it or not, because it is what he has perceived.

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Protective instinct

By natural instinct, the Rottweiler is always alert to protect his family, and himself, from any kind of threat. Because of this protective instinct, it can be especially fierce in its defense. As a legal guardian, you need to educate and channel this behavior of your little furry through training, early socialization, and good leadership.

The Rottweiler needs to have a clear reference, so it is convenient that you become his leader. In this way you will be the one who judges the situations and how to act.

The guardian spirit of this breed is enhanced when it has a leader to follow and a positive upbringing. Otherwise, it can be an unbalanced dog that does not know how to act in different situations and react badly to certain stimuli. To be a balanced dog, it must be raised correctly and with all the necessary time to forge a sociable, calm and intelligent temperament. Otherwise, he can become a very suspicious and overly protective dog.


The great intelligence of your rottweiler must be well managed so that he does not get bored if you repeat the same patterns regularly. It is necessary that you introduce new activities in the day to day that pose exciting challenges for him.

Walking it will not be enough to make you happy and with a balanced temperament: you need mental challenges and plenty of exercise. Therefore, you must devote all the time and effort possible to stimulate it.

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Is the Rottweiler a dangerous breed?

A Rottweiler can become a dangerous breed if it is under the guardianship of people unfit for its care, who do not dedicate the time it deserves or if it is mistreated, in short, like any other dog, whether breed or mix. It is a dog with a very powerful physique, being able to hurt someone if they live an irrational emotion, it has not been treated properly nor is it allowed or facilitated the management of emotions and different situations. Being so brave by nature, he acts accordingly by these kinds of impulses.

The Rottweiler is not a dangerous breed if you educate it and educate yourself properly on how to live with these dogs with positive reinforcement, without mistreatment, or shouting, or strong and untimely punishments. Despite having a peculiar temperament and a powerful physique, a good education for the dog and for the people who live with it (it is a two-way learning) is enough to live well. Thus, you will be able to enhance the most positive aspects of their loving, loyal and protective behavior.

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