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How is the temperament of the Weimar Pointer

How is the temperament of the Weimar Pointer

One of the most important aspects to know about dog breeds is the temperament they have. Before making the decision to adopt a dog, it is important to know all the care he needs and also know his general behavior. In this sense, the Weimar Pointer has a particular character that must be treated in depth to learn how to communicate as best as possible with it, always respecting it.

How is the temperament of the Weimar Pointer

The temperament of the Weimar Pointer has particular traits that make it a unique breed. Being used for hunting in their origin, they are ideal dogs to give company. To find out how is the temperament of the Weimar pointer or Weimaraner, its most outstanding characteristics and more details about it, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Distrust and shyness

The Weimar Pointer is a shy dog and can become suspicious of strangers, especially if you do not work with him as a puppy in socialization. This is a very important aspect in their education, so it is necessary to emphasize this process of socialization from the first months of the dog’s life.

Having a reserved character, it is common for Weimaraners to be very effusive when it comes to alerting their owners when they detect the presence of a stranger in the home.

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Intelligence and sweetness

The Weimar Pointer stands out for its great intelligence. It is a very curious and dynamic dog, whose sense of loyalty is pronounced. Adopting this dog, you can enjoy his kindness and sweetness, showing a dedication to his legal guardians.

In addition, you have the patience to live in families with children, both young and old. It endures a stimulating and active pace of life, so it adapts perfectly to very busy lifestyles.

Although you can live with small children, your interactions should always be under the supervision of an adult member of the family to prevent your sudden movements from hurting the little ones in the home in any way.

Due to their great intelligence, Weimar pointers know which people they are interacting with at all times. Therefore, they have a high capacity for adaptation: they can be very playful and even brute with those people who give rise to it, while their behavior is more delicate and calmer with people who are not willing to play so abruptly, as is the case of babies or older people.

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Hunting instinct

The Weimar Pointer is a dog with a very strong hunting instinct since its origin. Therefore, it is not surprising that he brings it up constantly. The games of finding objects or fixing for those toys with sound is prominent in this breed.

Therefore, being a very playful dog, a very effective way to entertain and play with him is to put the mission to search and explore terrain, objects or toys.

Temperament of the Weimar pointer at home

Within the home, the Weimar Pointer is a very sociable dog as it loves to share time with its family. It is a breed with a great family dependence, so it is very important that you teach it from puppy to stay alone at home for a few hours. Otherwise, when you have to stay alone for a while or a few hours, you may suffer from separation anxiety and adopt destructive behaviors, breaking slippers, furniture and other objects. Being so dependent on the family, a characteristic of their behavior is the desire to follow you around the house. Wherever you go, your furry friend will be by your side to keep you company.

These dogs can live in a flat without problems as long as they can perform enough physical exercise, for example, going out to the street, parks or nearby green areas enough daily. Preferably, it is advisable to have a garden or terrace so that you can move freely, channeling in this way your enormous energy and being able to do the physical activity demanded by your body. On a terrace or even from a balcony they can observe the movement of the street, thus satisfying their natural curiosity, but it is important to put protective barriers to prevent them from jumping, escaping or suffering damage.

Although the Weimar Pointer is a furry very dependent on his family, he does not stand out especially for being a guard dog. They can be intimidating in the presence of people unknown to them, but in any case, they are not usually especially aggressive.

Weimaraner temperament away from home

When he leaves home, the behavior of the Weimar pointer undergoes some changes. In his puppy stage, he is very active and wants to browse everything around him on the street. It is important to educate him to avoid leash pulls, since the result of his explorer instinct will give them by inertia when wanting to move fast. Of course, you have to know in which areas you can leave without a leash and in which not, especially in areas such as cities, always following the regulations.

In addition, it is a very sociable breed with other dogs and people as long as it has completed the socialization process started as a puppy. The Weimar pointer can be quite gross playing with other dogs, but it is not usually aggressive or hurt them.

As stated above, due to its great need for physical exercise, it is a dog that requires long walks. As he is dependent on his family, he does not usually escape, so you can walk him without a leash through the countryside or safe areas.

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