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I can’t have my dog anymore, where can I take him?

I can’t have my dog anymore, where can I take him?

Adopting a dog at home is one of the most important decisions you can make, since your lifestyle will be conditioned by its care. Obviously, having a little furry is a voluntary act and no one should be forced to take him in, but once the step is taken it is essential to guarantee basic care throughout his life so that he enjoys good health.

I can't have my dog anymore, where can I take him

However, certain circumstances, such as health problems of the owner, economic problems that prevent keeping a dog at home, an unexpected litter of puppies, the death of the owner or a complicated coexistence between animals and people, can cause that the animal cannot continue to be properly cared for and that it is affected by poor or poor care. If you think “I can’t have my dog anymore, where can I take him?“, in we recommend that you continue reading this article in which we give you some tips to do the best for the animal in this difficult situation.

Contact with the veterinarian

An alternative that you can resort to at any time if you cannot have your dog anymore is to contact professionals and specialists in animal welfare, such as veterinarians. By working in constant contact with families passionate about the animal world, they will be able to help you find a comfortable home and a family willing to take care of the dog to the best of their hands.

Consult with friends and family

This is one of the first options you should try to find a new home for your dog. Talk to your close environment and find out if a family member or friend is willing to adopt you, making sure they are trained to take care of them properly.

Keep in mind that this option is beneficial for the dog himself, since he will previously know the new legal guardian for the relationship, he maintains with you and because he will be able to continue seeing you. It will also be positive for you for that reason, since you will not lose sight of the little furry and you can go to see him frequently.

Adoption Platform

A booming option in recent times is registration on an adoption platform. By downloading an application of this type, you can give your dog up for adoption or adopt a pet.

First you must create an account and then register a profile of the furry with details about its measurements, the breed or mixture and photographs. After creating the profile, you will have to wait for any of the potential adopters to show interest and contact you in order to begin the adoption process. However, it is not always easy to see if it will be a good family or compatible for the dog. This option is not equally valid and legal in all countries, so first inform yourself well.

Animal protection

When you really can no longer take care of your dog, you can go to an animal shelter. In this type of centers, they are responsible for taking care of the dogs until they close their adoption by a responsible family. In addition, most have shelters to facilitate their integration until they find a new home.

In these shelters they are concerned with all basic care and managing responsible adoptions with exhaustive monitoring, contract, sterilization and microchipping (in Spain and in many other countries it is mandatory). In addition, they always inform potential adopters very well about what to know before adopting a dog. In this way, they ensure that the dog is always well cared for.

However, these centers are usually saturated and, in many cases, cannot accommodate a dog immediately. It is very common that they spread the case while the dog is still with you in case, they can find a permanent home as quickly as possible.

Animal residences

If the adoption process is prolonged in time and you can no longer have your dog at home in the meantime, if the shelter does not offer ways such as its own center or a foster home, you can choose to leave it in a canine residence. It is a provisional solution, since in these places dogs can be left upon payment of a pre-established economic rate.

Animal residences are centers that have good facilities, which ensure the welfare of the dog or any other animal fostered, but you have to take into account the limitations of such a center and that you must be able to afford the price. Therefore, if the problem to continue having the animal at home is money, this option is not viable.


Giving a dog to a kennel should be one of the last resources to bet on. In many cases, they are sites that serve as “parking lots” for animals, staying in them during the days marked by law, during which they can be adopted, before being slaughtered.

If you opt for this alternative, find out very well about the way of working of the local kennel you are going to go. In several of them, the furry ones are not cared for adequately and are given without guarantee to any individual who requests their adoption. Always try to ensure the welfare of the animal because, although you can no longer take care of it, you will continue to have a great responsibility until it stops being with you.

The importance of responsible animal ownership

The commitment acquired when adopting a dog or any other animal at home is so high that it deserves a deep reflection before making the decision. The experience of living with a dog is very rewarding, but it also entails the fulfillment of obligations beyond minimum care.

Frequent veterinary care, food, hygiene, play, exercise and the collection of stools on public roads are part of this basic care. In addition, it is necessary to be used in the education and socialization of the dog for its well-being, thus guaranteeing a good relationship with its environment. And this is not all: the census of the animal in the town hall, the hiring of civil liability insurance (at least in cases mandatory by law) and microchipping it are other obligations. It also includes sterilization or castration to avoid serious diseases such as possible tumors or uncontrolled breeding of dogs. All these factors are referred to in responsible animal ownership.

Beyond these more material but very important commitments, there is the relationship and the bond that occurs between the animal and the person (or family), something that leads us to consider it as a member of the family.

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