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Large and furry dog breeds

Large and furry dog breeds

There are breeds of dogs of all kinds: small, large, with a lot of hair, short fur … There is a wide variety of dogs both by size and length of hair and color. Any dog deserves to be loved and well cared for regardless of its physical appearance, but large and furry breeds are very adored for the tenderness that their image gives off.

Large and furry dog breeds

Do you want to adopt a dog of large size and abundant hair? Knowing the different races that meet these characteristics will be of great help to opt for one of them. To discover the most tender breeds of large and furry dogs and their respective physical characteristics, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Afghan Greyhound

The Afghan Greyhound is one of the large dog breeds that impact by their height and long coat. In fact, their hair closely resembles human hair. Even so, it is not a giant dog, since it reaches a maximum height of 69 cm at the cross, so the head is even higher, and an approximate weight of 34 kilos.

What most attracts the attention of the Afghan greyhound is its hair. Having it so long, it requires special care so that it is not damaged when stepping on it. Here you can read about How to care for the hair of an Afghan greyhound.

Also, you can read this guide on How to educate an Afghan greyhound, if you are thinking of adopting one into your family.

Golden retriever

A golden retriever can reach 61 cm in height and a maximum weight of 40 kilos, but it is by no means the most corpulent breed on this list. Its origin is in Scotland during the mid-nineteenth century.

Currently, it is a very intelligent dog and one of the most popular in the world. It has a wavy coat that allows it to differentiate itself from other dog breeds. His physical appearance gives off a great tenderness, so he is adorable in many ways.

In this other post you can meet the most intelligent dog breeds and we also recommend you discover the difference between Labrador and Golden Retriever.


Have you ever dreamed of sharing your home with a stuffed dog? Well, the Samoyed is one of the races that can fulfill your dream. It can measure between 46 and 56 cm high at the withers and weigh up to 30 kg.

This breed is identified as one of the large, furry dogs whose origins are in Russia. Being of Russian origin, thanks to the fact that it has a double layer and white coat, it is prepared to withstand extreme cold, intense snowfall and many hours exposed to the sun.

Thanks to their appearance, they are dogs reminiscent of white wolves. If you like this type of physical characteristics in dogs, do not miss this other article about dog breeds that look like wolves.


In addition to being a large dog, the komondor also stands out for its beautiful and peculiar coat. It is a very tall and corpulent dog: it can reach 90 centimeters and weigh approximately 80 kilos.

The komondor has a great advantage when it comes to suffering an attack from wolves or animals of superior size: its fur in wool or dreadlocks prevents bites from being very incisive on its body.


The name Newfoundland is due to its origin, as it is a giant dog from Newfoundland, an island of Canada. It is a dog bred to help fishermen in their boats.

Its fur contains a double coat of hair, which allows it to stay warm also in icy waters. As for its height, it is very large: it reaches 76 centimeters in height and a maximum weight of 90 kilos.

The Newfoundland is a dog that requires a lot of human company, otherwise it can fall into depression. Therefore, give him a lot of love if you decide to adopt a furry of this breed. Here you can see information about How to train a Newfoundland dog.

Chow chow

The chow chow reaches 56 centimeters in height and weighs slightly more than 30 kilos, so it is not one of the most corpulent dogs on this list.

However, it is a large breed with a very amazing long hair. Original from China, it also stands out for the color of its language: it can be black, blue or purple.

Here you can read about How to tell if a chow chow is pure.

Irish wolfhound

It is a dog of giant size, since it can measure 90 centimeters at the withers, taller if you count the neck and head, and weigh more than 50 kilos. As its name indicates, it is originally from Ireland, where it is a breed that has been bred for centuries and was formerly used for hunting wolves. Currently, it is very popular throughout Europe. The hair of the Irish wolfhound is hard, leafy and of great resistance.

Saint Bernard

One of the most popular mountain dogs is the Saint Bernard, which is included among the largest dog breeds since it normally reaches 90 centimeters in height and can weigh up to 100 kilos.

It is a very sensitive breed to heat, so it is advisable to avoid exposing itself many hours to the sun or in places of high temperatures.

We advise you to read this other article on How to care for a Saint Bernard.

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan mastiff or Tibetan mastiff is another dog breed of great corpulence, since its maximum weight is 100 kilos and its height is 65 centimeters at the cross, but its physical appearance is deceptive since despite its height it can run at about 48 km / h. Its fur is very abundant, which gives it a unique and wild look.

If you are interested, in this other article you can read about How to educate a Tibetan mastiff.


This breed easily reaches 80 centimeters in height and a weight of 75 kilos. The impact of their physical appearance is not only because of their height, but also because they have an abundant coat that stands out easily. The Leonberger is an intelligent, strong, large and reliable dog.

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