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My dog’s hair falls out a lot: why and what to do

My dog’s hair falls out a lot: why and what to do

The fur of dogs is one of the cares that you must take into account for their well-being, so it is very important to observe if their hair falls out to remedy it.

My dog's hair falls out a lot why and what to do

There are dogs that lose their hair quite often, but many people do not know the reason. Some even get scared and come to think that it may be due to a health problem. Is there reason to worry? If you have thought about why my dog’s hair falls out a lot and what to do, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Why my dog’s hair falls out a lot

The reasons why your little furry hair falls out a lot are the following:


A dog usually regenerates and sheds its hair throughout the year. This circumstance intensifies with the change of temperatures: the most normal thing is that the hair falls out noticeably in spring and autumn.

In spring it is necessary to lose your dog’s hair to allow a thinner coat to grow, being able to feel cooler and withstand the heat better. In autumn, it is replaced by a more compact, strong and resistant hair that shelters it from the winter cold. There are breeds with a greater predisposition to hair loss such as the beagle, French bulldog or shar pei.

Diseases of hormonal origin

There are some diseases such as Cushing’s syndrome that causes abnormal hair loss in a dog, due to an overproduction of cortisol. Hypothyroidism or diabetes are other causes that cause hair loss in a dog.

If you want more information, we recommend you read Cushing’s syndrome in dogs: symptoms and treatment.

Parasites and infections

Dogs can have fleas, fungi, ticks, lice or bacteria. When any of these external agents affects your dog, it causes inflammation and hair loss in specific areas such as the head or larger areas where generalized alopecia can be detected. To solve this problem, it is necessary that your little furry receives a routine antiparasitic control.

In we offer you home remedies for dog fleas.


In addition to seasonal shedding, allergies are usually another of the main reasons why your dog’s hair falls out a lot. It is essential that you take your furry friend to the vet as soon as possible in order to determine if he suffers from a hypersensitivity problem. In this way, the specialist will look for the most effective treatment to control the disease.

Keep in mind that, if the allergy is diagnosed, your dog will have to live with it throughout his life. Pollen, food, insects and parasites are factors that can trigger allergy processes in a dog, causing skin irritations, insistent scratching and, consequently, abundant hair loss.

In this article we teach you all the keys on How to know if my dog has an allergy.

Other diseases

In addition to the diseases, allergies and infections exposed, your dog can suffer excessive hair loss due to other diseases of immune-mediated origin.

Coat brushing

Don’t know what to do when your dog’s hair falls out a lot? That’s why, in OneHowTo we want to help you with some tips. Use a brush suitable for your hair type because each coat requires specific care. You should comb it gently and always in the natural direction of the hair. Thanks to this habit, your dog’s blood circulation will be activated more, favoring the growth of stronger and healthier hair. It is very important to brush your pet regularly, as it also prevents the appearance of fleas and ticks and eliminates the smell of the animal.

Daily household cleaning

Cleaning the home is a concern for many when living with a dog. The broom, vacuum cleaner and mop are the best tools for cleaning the floor. Try to vacuum daily to keep the house clean, especially on sofas, carpets and carpets so that the home retains a hygienic and healthy state at all times. Keeping the house clean is essential for your dog’s well-being.

In this article we teach you how to clean the house thoroughly so you can put into practice all the tips that will help you maintain order.

Baths with specific shampoo

Each dog needs specific care and regular baths according to the lifestyle they have. It is very different to handle a dog that usually walks in urban areas to another that usually does it on the beach. Find out from a veterinary center about the hygienic needs of your little furry and the shampoo that best treats his skin.

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Diet rich in Omega fatty acids

Give your canine friend a diet rich in Omega fatty acids and in this way, you will avoid that his hair falls out a lot during the molting seasons. In addition, it will bring much more shine to your coat.

Now that you know the reasons and what to do when your dog loses a lot of hair, you might also be interested in finding out what are the foods to improve the dog’s hair.

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