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Terrier dog breeds

Terrier dog breeds

Terriers are a breed of dogs that have a common origin. Whether recent or older, the vast majority come from Britain. The name terrier comes from the Latin “terra”, which means earth. In the beginnings of this breed, they were dogs used to hunt animals found underground, which is why they received this denomination.

Terrier dog breeds

Most terrier breeds share a brave, determined and active character. They enjoy exercising and walking outdoors. They are good companions of the smallest of the house and, above all, they adapt perfectly to family life since they enjoy the company of human beings in their closest environment. To discover what are the different breeds of terrier dogs that exist and their main characteristics, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Australian silky terrier

It possesses qualities of hunting dog, but is completely adapted to family life. Currently, it is a sensational companion dog. It has few physical features that distinguish it from the Yorkshire terrier: its stature is slightly smaller and the hair is longer and smoother.

Airedale terrier

It is one of the largest breeds of the terrier family. They have a working dog past. They are very active and have a great personality, with a corpulent and muscular physique.

Norfolk terrier

It is one of the smallest terrier dogs. His character is active and sociable, aspects that make him a very appreciated little family furry. He needs a lot of attention and several hours of play a day to feel good.

Bull terrier

The Bull terrier is an affectionate and attentive dog by nature, despite the bad reputation it has. He can be very stubborn, so he needs a good education to correct this aspect. However, it is an animal with a balanced behavior and good with children.

Scottish terrier

It is a dog of small size and quite independent. They are good companions for people who are also independent. It requires a great deal of physical activity and, although its ideal environment is one in which you can enjoy nature, it adapts to all places.

Jag terrier

Also known as German hunter terrier, it is a small all-terrain dog, a little stubborn and loves to exercise. This breed is somewhat territorial, so it needs from puppy a good education so that they have marked the limits.

Jack Russell terrier

The Jack Russell is one of the most popular terriers breeds due to its great charisma, its cheerful character and for being small in size. This dog possesses a lot of energy, making it an ideal companion for people who enjoy long walks in natural environments.

Lakeland terrier

As the name suggests, dogs of this breed come from the lake region located in northern Britain. They are dogs with a sociable character, balanced by nature and cheerful, but they require a lot of exercise, since they retain their hunting instinct.

Irish Terrier

The aspect that characterizes this terrier breed is the tonality of its fur, since it is red and shares it with the Irish setter, another dog originally from Ireland. Regarding the character of the Irish terrier, it is an energetic, docile, intelligent dog with a remarkable ability to adapt.

Staffordshire bull terrier

They are very energetic little furry people, who need to learn to control their temperament. They do not have a bad temper, quite the opposite, but they possess great physical strength that they must have under control.

If they are well educated, they are cheerful and affectionate dogs, enjoying an active life together with their family.

Wire fox terrier

This breed is commonly known as wire or hard hair fox terrier. It is a very sociable dog, capable of living perfectly with humans and other animals. As with most terrier dogs, especially medium and large ones, it is very active and requires good doses of exercise.

West highland white terrier

It is a dog of small stature, known as “west” and one of the most popular on this list. It is a nervous, active, affectionate and sociable dog. He can be quite stubborn, so it is essential to give him a good education and encourage his socialization from the puppy stage.

Tibetan Terrier

It is one of the most unknown breeds on this list. They are affable, docile and balanced dogs. They are a breed recommended as therapy dogs. The Tibetan Terrier is also characterized by being one of the dog breeds of greater longevity.

Russian Black Terrier

There is a small group of dog breeds with the name “terrier”, but they belong to another family as is the case of the Russian black Terrier. It is a big dog, belonging to the schnauzer family, as can be seen by its physical characteristics.

They are very active dogs, so they require a lot of exercise to avoid accumulating stress or developing behavioral problems.

Boston terrier

Its appearance is similar to the French bulldog, a breed with which it has in common a part of its origin. The Boston terrier is a very sociable, affectionate and very noble dog of nature. Its origin is in the crosses of the English terrier along with the French bulldog. Therefore, it has the surname “terrier”, but at present there are no traces of the family in this breed.

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