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The calmest dog breeds

The calmest dog breeds

Genetics is an influential factor in the behavior and character of dogs, but it is not determinative. The personality and education he receives are other aspects with a great impact on the dog, thus forging a calmer or nervous character depending on the circumstances.

The calmest dog breeds

It is undeniable that some dog breeds have a tendency to tranquility. Both large and small, since weight and height do not determine whether a dog is calm, nervous, aggressive or affable. It should also be noted that a calm dog may need large exercise sessions, as well as one with a nervous character. To discover the calmest dog breeds, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.


The pug or pug is a small dog with a sweet appearance. Its character is calm and gentle, so it is considered as a calm dog breed. He enjoys the company of children and adults and, although he likes to play, he is a homemade dog. It is a brachycephalic dog, so it tends to choke a little when doing intense exercises. Therefore, try to have a calm and calm attitude both at home and on the street.

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Although it needs to do daily physical exercise, the greyhound is a very calm breed. He must play every day and run to release all the energy he accumulates in his body and feel good mentally, but at home he usually has a calm demeanor.

Greyhounds hardly bark and do not usually have problems with other dogs. They love to lie down with their relatives to relax and enjoy caresses.

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Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard is a breed of dog with a calm character and exquisite behavior. It is a large dog, obedient and very tame, so it is a perfect breed to live with children. In fact, it has a fairly pronounced protective instinct towards the smallest of the home.

Another advantage of the San Bernardo is their enormous predisposition to training. It is very easy to teach him basic commands, since he learns them quickly by his intelligence and obedience.

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Great Dane

The Great Dane or German Dog stands out for being one of the largest breeds in the world, but also for being a homemade and quiet dog. He usually walks slowly and needs some exercises, but of low intensity.

Although the Great Dane is a perfect dog for people who take quiet walks, it does not mean that it does not require going out every day. He needs at least two or three walks a day to interact with other dogs, exercise and play, like any other dog.

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Spanish Mastiff

It is one of the best livestock guard dogs due to its large size and strength. He is affectionate and meek; shows great loyalty to his family and remains calm being surrounded by children.

The Spanish Mastiff is a balanced dog and little barking. In general, its attitude is calm, relaxed and serene, so it is the best friend for people who move little and who want to have the company of a large dog.

English Bulldog

The English bulldog is a corpulent and robust dog, but of size between small and medium and with a great attachment to humans. It stands out for its affability and the tranquility with which it behaves. Because of its own physiognomy, because it is brachycephalic, it cannot do much exercise, so it is an ideal dog for slow walks.

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Shar pei

Shar Pei are calm and affable dogs. They love to be at home with human company and do not require excessive physical exercise. It is an excellent companion for people looking for a homemade and calm breed, but the wrinkles of its skin force to maintain a careful hygiene to avoid the appearance of fungi.

In this article we tell you how to take care of the wrinkles of a Shar pei.

Basset hound

If you are looking for a good roommate, the basset hound is the ideal candidate. It is an affectionate, familiar, affable and calm dog. He adapts to living in small apartments with ease since his two great passions are very basic: sleeping and eating.

Having short legs, they are not fast and prefer quiet walks. The dogs of this breed are not very playful either, so they are a perfect company for people looking for peace and calm next to a small furry.

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Pyrenean Mastiff

It is another large and very quiet dog. The Pyrenean Mastiff stands out for being protective and calm, as well as for its loyalty, nobility and bravery. His protective instinct must be well channeled, because if you do not work with him and barely socialize with other dogs and people, he can develop a territorial sense and distrust of strangers.

Akita inu

Of Japanese origin, this breed is beautiful in appearance and large size. In general, it maintains a calm and calm attitude in stressful situations and is a tremendously loyal dog. It stands out for being a very little barking dog, so it is very quiet and calm.

Despite the tranquility that characterizes it, the akita inu requires daily exercise combining play sessions that let you run with relaxed walks.

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Bloodhounds are docile and calm dogs. Show great patience and tolerance with children, strangers and other dogs and animals. Being so obedient, his training is simple.

This breed does not tolerate loneliness well, so it is important to teach him to be alone at home for a few hours so that he does not develop destructive behaviors and separation anxiety.


Looking for a small, quiet dog? The Pekingese meets these characteristics. He loves to spend many hours on the couch with his legal guardian and leisurely walks. Despite his small size, he is a very brave and loyal little furry, defending his family without hesitation in any situation he considers dangerous.

Due to their protective instinct, the Pekingese tends to be suspicious of strangers. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to their socialization from puppyhood.


The Samoyed is a dog with a very peculiar appearance, like a teddy bear. The elegance and beauty that characterizes it are accompanied by an affable and calm character. It is an affectionate, friendly and lively dog that has a great relationship with children.

This breed is also sociable with other dogs and animals. It responds well to training and requires mental stimuli to stay balanced, since it is a dog of great intelligence. Daily exercise is another of your basic needs.

Here are some tips on how to care for a Samoyed.

Chow chow

The chow chow is a dog with the appearance of a small lion. It is a very quiet breed, so it is perfect to live in a flat or house. It adapts well to a variety of spaces as it is medium-sized and its character is reserved, calm and independent.

The chow chow establishes a strong bond with his human family and quickly develops a great sense of loyalty and protection. Among his favorite activities is not exercise, being in this way a small furry ideal for calm walks and brief game sessions.

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It is another dog with the appearance of a bear and of great size. He is sociable, affectionate, good-natured, silent, calm, sweet and balanced. Although not overly playful, the Newfoundland loves to play and swim in the water.

The dogs of this breed usually get along well with other dogs and with the smallest of the house. They do not require much daily exercise, but they do need to walk with at least three walks a day, receive mental stimuli to maintain balanced behavior and interact with other dogs.

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Bergamo Shepherd Dog

This breed belongs to the family of sheepdogs. It is a calm, patient, familiar and affable dog. It is also quite independent, so it has a great ability to solve problems or situations that arise.

The bergamasco is easily related to other dogs and animals. Despite having guard dog and shepherd skills, it is not aggressive and only requires one to three daily walks to release the energy it accumulates in its body.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed is characterized by having an affable behavior and by its nobility. She is good with other dogs and children. He enjoys moderate exercise daily, but loves spending hours on the couch or bed with his family.

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a perfect dog for people who want to adopt a small and calm dog. It is important to allow him to play and walk outdoors daily to chase and explore things, thus channeling his curiosity about the environment around him.

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