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The most affectionate cat breeds

The most affectionate cat breeds

Despite the unfair fame that has been created around cats that they are cold and detached from humans, the truth is that the lucky ones who can have a feline companion at home will have realized that they are animals with great sensitivity and attachment to the living beings with which they live and share. Although they are historically less domesticated animals than dogs, today there are dozens of different breeds and each has tended to develop a different character and characteristics. There are more intelligent, independent, sleepier or more curious. There are even those who like water.

The most affectionate cat breeds

However, if you are thinking of adopting your next friend with mustaches and want to make sure that he tends to be as affectionate and friendly as possible, in this new article of we are going to review the most affectionate cat breeds although the truth is that any kitten can develop a great attachment and love towards his human.

Scottish Fold

These friendly cats appeared after an alteration in their genes that made their ears have a forward orientation, as if folded, hence their name “fold”. Over time, the Scottish fold breed or Scottish fold was increasingly popular and today it is quite frequent to see. Their character is very friendly, affectionate and dependent, so, contrary to what is thought, they do not like to be alone for a long time.


The sphynx or sphinxes are not the only breed of cat that has absolutely no hair, or that has very few, but they are the best known. This makes them ideal for feline lovers who, unfortunately, are allergic to their fur. One of the factors that makes this breed of cat affectionate is that not having a natural coat, they constantly look for a source of heat and there is nothing better than their human to find shelter.

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Maine Coon

These cats, from North America, are large and have colors and shape that for a long time, and erroneously, has been thought to be the result of a mixture with a raccoon. However, apart from the fact that this is biologically impossible, there are currently many colors within this feline breed. In addition, they are a very sociable breed that likes to be in company, even if it is simply to be lying near us.

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This breed, known as Ragdoll in English (rag doll in Spanish), is one of the best known and is recommended if you have never had experience with felines before, since it is proven that they are one of the most friendly, docile and kind cats in the world of cats. It is common for them to follow you around the house, demand your attention and want to be close to you all the time.


Siamese twins are one of the oldest breeds of cats known and it must be precisely because of their long history close to humans that they have become one of the most affectionate and kind to their owners. With piercing blue eyes, Siamese twins are the perfect companions.

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Despite their serious and elegant appearance, Persian cats are one of the calmest and friendliest breeds out there. Tremendously popularized in North America, this breed is ideal for people who live in apartments, since Persians are not very energetic cats and enjoy sleeping and taking advantage of the pampering of their humans.

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Superstitions have labeled them as black cats are a symbol of bad luck, but the truth is that having a Bombay cat in your life is a gift. This breed is gentle and faithful to humans and for decades many people have listed them as one of the most affectionate cat breeds.


Tonkinese cats are a mix between Burmese and Siamese cats. Their particular appearance has made them very popular cats among feline lovers. Its character is characterized by being calm and cuddly, being ideal if you want a cat that enjoys your affection and company.

American Shorthair

This is one of the most numerous and common breeds to have as a pet in the West. His character is docile and gentle with humans. Unlike other breeds, which have no shame in invading your space to demand attention, American shorthair cats are quite patient and will always be close to you waiting for you to give them affection.


With an elegant and gentle appearance, Burmese cats are a very affectionate and homely breed, able to accept other species as friends, as well as children in the house. His character is very affectionate and playful. Don’t be fooled, because everything they have as handsome, they have cuddly.

Other breeds of affectionate cats

As we said at the beginning of the article, despite having breeds characterized as the most affectionate, cats are exceptional animals and each one develops its own character and tastes. Even so, apart from those already mentioned, these are other breeds of cats especially affectionate, in general because each cat has individual traits, which will be eager to receive your attention if you adopt them:

  • Kinkalow
  • Norwegian Forest
  • Angora
  • Russian Blue
  • Exotic
  • Somali
  • Roman
  • Havana
  • Munchkin
  • Siberian

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