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What are the care of a beagle

What are the care of a beagle

Adopting a dog or taking care of it for a certain time is a very big responsibility. Therefore, anyone who considers assuming it must know perfectly the care and specific needs of each breed, as is the case of a beagle, to know if it is able to cover them and if its lifestyle is compatible with the company of a dog.

What are the care of a beagle

A beagle has particular physical characteristics and a temperament that must be known in detail. In addition, it is important to delve into its origin, the ideal food it needs to grow healthy, hygiene, education and socialization from puppyhood. To find out what are the care of a beagle, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Origin and history of the beagle

Although the exact origin of the beagle is not known, it is believed that the Romans were the first to breed this breed in England in order to hunt rabbits. However, the beagle began to gain popularity from the sixteenth century.

There were different varieties of the breed until the late nineteenth century. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the beagle breed as it is known today was determined. Although hunting was one of his great skills, he was also a companion dog for Queen Elizabeth I and other historical figures, being one of the most common dogs in homes today.

Characteristics of the beagle

Among the main characteristics of beagles are:

  • It is a dog of medium to small size, since it usually reaches an approximate weight of 15 kilos and an average height of 33 to 40 cm.
  • Their life expectancy ranges between 12 and 15 years on average.
  • Among its physical characteristics, its large and long ears with a rounded tip stand out.
  • It has large brown eyes that contribute to its sweet and endearing appearance.
  • Her hair is soft, short and tricolor: black, white and orange-brown.
  • Regarding its temperament, it is a very sociable breed. They love to play with children and interact with people.
  • The beagle is a very affectionate and faithful dog capable of adapting both to life in an apartment, provided that it is offered the minimum activity it requires outside, and in a country house.
  • It stands out for its impulsive character that plays tricks on it sometimes because of its hunting instinct, since its courage makes them unaware of certain dangers. Therefore, it is important to train and educate him from puppy to channel his enormous energy and always be responsible for him.

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Beagle Health

The shape of the beagle’s ears make it a dog prone to accumulating moisture in the ear and suffering from ear infections. They can also suffer the presence of foreign objects, such as spikes from the field, in the ear canal, causing discomfort and even deafness in the most severe cases. Here you can read about How to tell if my dog has otitis.

This breed can also suffer from eye problems, such as cataracts and glaucoma, which due to the increase in eye pressure can cause gradual loss of vision. In addition, the beagle can suffer from skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis (caused by allergic reactions that lead to itching, redness and peeling) and alopecia.

Beagle feeding

Taking care of the diet of the beagle is very important. They are dogs that love to eat, so they can become overweight if you do not keep track of the portions, the type of food you give them and their usual physical activity. The type of food you need varies according to the vital stage in which you are, but in any case, you should always eat a balanced and quality diet that contributes to maintaining a healthy weight and favors your intestinal transit. The types of feeding of the beagle according to their age are as follows:

  • Puppy: it is a fundamental stage in the feeding of any dog whether of this breed, another or mongrel. The beagle needs high quality feed specific to puppies, healthy and tasty or a homemade diet adapted to their age, activity, etc. It should be appropriate for your age and the nutritional needs you have in order to grow strong and healthy.
  • Adult: food rations should be more controlled and you need to exercise so as not to be overweight. A feed high in fiber content is recommended to regulate your intestinal transit. If your beagle has a few kilos left over, opt for a light feed, a diet with homemade food focused on helping him lose weight in a healthy way and helping him exercise.
  • Senior: the joints, bones and other organs of dogs tend to suffer as they get older and, more or less, from the age of seven we can begin to notice it. Therefore, a good diet can become the best preventive medicine. Use a personalized diet for senior dogs, prepared by a veterinarian, to take care of their bones, joints and other organs in the best possible way.

Here we give you some tips on how to make homemade dog food, but it is always necessary that you consult with the veterinarian the needs of your furry. If possible, go to a veterinarian specialized in canine nutrition.

Beagle exercise

Being dogs with a lot of energy, beagles need to get plenty of exercise to feel good physically and mentally and thus be happier. If you live in a home without enough space for your furry little one to run freely, you should take him out at least three times a day or make long outings. Make sure that one of these walks is long, that is, at least an hour and a half so that he runs and gets tired. It is a very hardworking breed, so it is advisable to go out frequently for your physical and mental well-being.

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Beagle hygiene

As for maintaining good hygiene of the beagle, it will be easy to keep a healthy and shiny hair. Try to brush it between two and three times a week and bathe it once a month: it will be enough to make it clean.

However, pay attention to their ears because, due to the size and fallen shape, they tend to accumulate moisture and dirt. Check them regularly to clean them so that they do not cause health problems.

Beagle education and socialization

Being a very sociable dog, but it is important to educate him to socialize well, in a positive way for him and others. Despite being a sociable dog with children and adults in general, it encourages this social spirit from puppy so as not to encounter some socialization problems in its adult stage.

He has a very deep attachment to the family and, when separated from it for several hours, he can suffer separation anxiety, leading to destructive behaviors at home and even howling nonstop until you return home.

Therefore, for their well-being and good coexistence with others, their education, and ours in this regard, is fundamental. It can be a complicated process because he can easily get distracted while you teach him, testing your patience. Therefore, we recommend you go with specialists in canine education, ethologists or trainers, who teach you, the dog and the rest of the family to live well and to teach the dog everything necessary in a positive way.

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