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What are the care of a Bernese Mountain Dog

What are the care of a Bernese Mountain Dog

Adopting a dog is one of the most important decisions you can make personally and family. The arrival of a dog is a great responsibility for all people who live in the same home because they must be involved to the maximum in the care required by the animal as is the case of the Bernese Mountain Dog or Bernese Bouvier, a breed with a strong and robust physique with specific needs.

What are the care of a Bernese Mountain Dog

Before deciding on the adoption of a Bernese Mountain Dog, it is very important that you inform yourself about all the care you need to know if you are qualified to assume this responsibility. As with other dog breeds, it is a dog with particular physical and behavioral characteristics. To find out what are the care of a Bernese Mountain Dog, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Origin and history of the Bernese Mountain Dog

To find the origin of the Bernese Mountain Dog, we must go back to the time of the invasion of Switzerland by the Romans, that is, about 2,000 years ago. At that time, Switzerland was known as Helvetia and had many dogs that worked as shepherds for cattle and as guard dogs.

Probably, the mastiffs of the Romans crossed with the grazing dogs found in the place, thus enduring the harsh climate of the Alps. This crossing allowed to soften his character. At that time, the Bernese Mountain Dog was also used to pull carts that transported textile and dairy products from one municipality to another. Therefore, it follows that the body of this breed was already very strong and energetic.

Characteristics of the Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog stands out for its imposing physical conditions.

  • With an approximate height of 70 cm at the cross and a weight ranging between 48 and 51 kilos, it is a large breed.
  • Its coat is long, slightly wavy and thick, as well as shiny if well cared for.
  • About the colors of the Bernese Mountain Dog, black is the background tone of this breed. It also has white and tan markings. The fire or rust tone is seen on the cheeks, eyes and the corner of the mouth. In addition, it extends to the chest, tail and paws. The white color appears on the chest, on the muzzle and sometimes on their feet.
  • Regarding the character of the breed, it stands out for its joy and the taste for interacting with children, making it an ideal dog to live with as a family. He usually likes to participate in as many family activities as possible, although he is also a quiet dog who enjoys being at home. He is loyal, docile and loving.
  • The Bernese Mountain Dog can live perfectly with other dogs, whether of the same breed, another or mixtures. Also with other animal species, but for this it is essential to begin its socialization stage from puppyhood.

Feeding of the Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog needs a diet rich in vitamins and minerals that allows it to maintain healthy joints and cartilage. Thus, you can reduce possible problems related to mobility in adulthood. He is prone to stomach problems, so it is advisable to give him enough food divided into small doses throughout the day.

In his puppy stage, he must eat a specific feed for dogs under 18 months to develop properly. In adulthood, the best diet of the Bernese Mountain Dog is a specific quality feed for large and active dogs, at the height of their impressive physical tone. Another option is to give them other foods that are not feed, such as wet, dehydrated and rehydrated food afterwards or homemade, but you have to make sure they are as balanced as possible for their needs.

Here you can discover some tips on how to make homemade dog food, but always remember to go to a veterinarian specialized in canine nutrition to guide you in the needs of your dog and how to best meet them.

Bernese Mountain Dog Health

The Bernese Mountain Dog is prone to some health problems. Among them are some types of cancer. Therefore, the life expectancy of this breed is not very high.

Another health problem related to these dogs is hip dysplasia, a disease that causes mobility problems. Taking into account this risk factor, in OneHowTo we recommend you take your little furry to perform veterinary examinations to check the state of his hip, as well as periodic reviews to know his general health and see if it is convenient to act in any aspect to improve it.

Exercise for the Bernese Mountain Dog

Just because he’s generally a calm dog who likes to be at home doesn’t mean he doesn’t need a good dose of activity. In fact, it requires a lot of physical activity on a daily basis. To meet his exercise needs, you should walk him several times a day.

It’s also important to encourage their exercise by organizing games at home and outdoors. Try not to leave him too much time alone, as he enjoys the company of other people and animals.

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Hygiene of the Bernese Mountain Dog

Among the basic hygiene care for this breed, it is essential to brush your furry two or three times a week so that it looks bright and healthy. In periods of shedding, it is better to do it once a day. Here you can read about My dog loses a lot of hair: why and what to do.

On the necessary baths, bathe your Bernese Mountain Dog only when it is very dirty, that is, with an approximate frequency of two months at most or, simply, whenever it gets very dirty, for example if it plays in the mud.

Education and socialization

Being a very familiar and intelligent dog, it is quite easy to get him to obey and learn the tricks you teach him and the basic commands. It is only necessary to have a little patience and, above all, dedicate a few minutes each day so that he learns to relate to his environment as best as possible.

The repetition of movements and commands will allow you to improve your behavior. In addition, bet on positive reinforcement so that your Bernese Mountain Dog feels supported and achieves the proposed objectives. Like any other animal, it is a very sensitive dog to punishments and scolding, so the most sensible thing is to avoid them so that they do not negatively influence their behavior and learning.

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