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What are the care of a border collie

What are the care of a border collie

To adopt a dog in your home, it is essential to know all the care he needs. It’s the only way to know if you’re prepared to keep them in good health and take responsibility for their education. All breeds have particularities, as is the case of the border collie, which in fact is a dog that is not suitable for any home, so it is important to delve into its basic needs before welcoming it at home.

What are the care of a border collie

There are so many breeds of dogs that it is normal to ignore the more specific physical, psychological and social care of some of them. If you want to adopt a border collie in your family, try to know everything about this breed before making a final decision. To discover what are the care of a border collie, its origin and basic characteristics, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Origin and history of the border collie

The border Collie, as it is known today, has its origin in Northumberland, an area located on the border between England and Scotland. Its name is due to this location: Border (Border) and Collie (Useful). In the 1860s the breed gained popularity due to the need to have agile, robust and very intelligent dogs, so that they learned easily, and with dexterity to work long hours in the herds of mountainous and rocky terrain.

Exhibitions became fashionable and Collies quickly entered this world. Of the Collies that the shepherds had, some puppies went to the exhibitions and the shepherds could not continue raising dogs with a double purpose: work and show. Therefore, at the beginning of the twentieth century there was a separation between the Collies of exhibition and those of work. The shepherds raised the breed enhancing their ability to work and those destined for the exhibitions were bred giving greater relevance to their physical appearance and family character.

Herding and agility competitions with sheepdogs helped establish a modern heritage of the Border Collie through a selective breeding plan. In this program, the quality of the ‘eye’ characteristic of the Border Collie was selected and its capacity and style of work, agility and durability, characteristic aspects of this dog breed, were highlighted.

Characteristics of the border collie

Among the most outstanding characteristics of the border collie is its great intelligence, which translates into a great capacity for concentration, agility for learning processes and obedience. It is an affectionate, vigilant, awake, docile and sociable dog with other animals and people.

It is a very curious and herding dog, so it needs a great physical activity and a large space to be able to develop it. Another important aspect that distinguishes him is an enormous loyalty to his family, whom he sees as his group or boss and will always accompany with courage, thus establishing a strong emotional bond. Of course, it is easier to find a single person or two than with all family members if there are many.

Taking into account the characteristics of these dogs, you have to understand that living in the countryside or in large places where you can get your energy is best for them. In addition, for this reason and because they are herding dogs do not usually take very well to live in the middle of large cities, where too many things move at different speeds and these dogs cannot order, guide or manage these objects, people and other animals, they will not pay attention to them. Thus, a sheepdog of this high level of activity can become frustrated and have a lot of stress and anxiety in this situation. Therefore, it is vital to learn about these dogs and know what we can offer them and what we cannot offer them to determine if they are suitable to live with us and our lifestyle or not (or if we and our lifestyle are really the most suitable for them).

Border collie health

Like all dogs, whether breed or mestizo, the border collie needs to go through veterinary reviews periodically. In addition, it is essential that you take it to the veterinarian to comply with its vaccination and deworming program.

It is a dog that generally enjoys good health, but with a genetic predisposition to suffer from hip dysplasia, eye diseases and neurological disorders. Therefore, frequent visits to the veterinarian are the most effective way to prevent or quickly detect any of these pathologies. Here you can read about How to tell if my dog has hip dysplasia.

Feeding the border collie

The energy needs of the border collie are quite high, so their diet is based on a nutritious and energetic feedHigh percentages of meat and fish for protein and vitamins are necessary to meet all your nutritional needs.

This breed can have a delicate stomach, so it is important to find a feed that feels good so that it does not cause discomfort and vomiting due to its stomach sensitivity. For this reason, natural feed is usually better digested by the border collie. The absence or minimal amounts of gluten and cereals also favor good digestion.

Therefore, there are also those who choose to prepare natural food for the border collie, either totally homemade or with several of the options that are on the market today, beyond feed.

Border collie exercise

The border collie needs to take daily walks, at least 3 times a day, for at least 40 minutes. In some of these outings, try to let him run so that he exercises with intensity and channels the accumulated energy. An absence of exercise and loneliness at home causes negative consequences in their behavior, falling into frustration and insecurity, reaching problems such as separation anxiety, constant howling and barking, breaking things at home.

If you find it difficult to take three daily walks of 40 minutes, distribute the routine of at least one hour a day of exercise to meet the physical needs of your little furry. It is also important to stimulate their mind, since they are very intelligent and easily learn almost anything (some learn by themselves just by observing their environment), so it is vital to teach them tricks, orders and other physical and mental activities.

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Border collie hygiene

It is a short- or medium-long-haired dog with a double coat that requires combing at least twice a week. Even so, it is best to brush it daily by combining a card-type brush and a soft one.

You only have to bathe the border collies when they are really dirty, never daily or every week. You have to think that the border collar is a grazing dog and does not need much care in this regard. To bathe him, use a specific shampoo for dogs to avoid damaging the pH of his skin and coat. Here we clarify more about a common doubt in this topic: Can I bathe my dog with my shampoo?

Education and socialization of the border collie

Due to its great intelligence and obedience, the education of the border collie is a process that can be agile but it is still complex, that is, it is convenient to know what we do and, therefore, it is usually better to attend some sessions or classes. You will learn new commands with few repetitions. So that you do not get bored during learning and so that it is really optimal and a good experience, bet on positive reinforcement and activities that are attractive to you, such as running with pets, sheep herding, agility or the search for lost objects.

Regarding its socialization, it is a sociable dog with people and other animals, but in adulthood it can be shyer and more reserved. To have a balanced character, it is important to start the socialization process from puppyhood, maintaining positive contact with other people and animals. In this way, your border collie will be friendly and confident also in adulthood. Here are some tips on how to socialize a puppy with adult dogs and people

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