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How to refresh a cat

How to refresh a cat

The arrival of summer implies a significant rise in temperatures that affects the habits of humans and animals. Cats are no exception: to withstand the intense summer heat, it is important to pay attention to them and help them to take it in the best possible way to prevent them from suffering heat stroke, with the serious consequences it would have for their health.

How to refresh a cat

Although cats love the sun, they should take it in its proper measure because they are animals sensitive to high temperatures. In fact, they are more so than humans, since they do not have a thermal regulation system in their body that allows them to sweat like a human being. Therefore, heat stroke in felines can be very serious or lethal consequences. Knowing how to cool them is essential to regulate their body temperature with so much heat. To find out how to refresh a cat, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Fresh and wet towel

Most cats do not like to get wet with water, so a good method to cool them is to wet their hair using wet towels instead of direct contact with water. Test your pussycat: soak a towel with cold water and wipe it all over your body, including your head.

It moistens especially the armpits, legs, belly and chin. These areas are the best to get your body temperature down, thus achieving a very pleasant cooling effect for your cat.

Fresh, clean water

Keeping your cat well hydrated is essential for her to cool down. In this sense, you must have your drinker with fresh and clean water at all times at your disposal. You should check it periodically to avoid running out of water: you can place more than one drinker at home and distribute them in several rooms so that you drink water whenever you want.

Another recommendation is to add some ice to cool the water in the drinking fountains, but always in moderation.

Cool corners at home with shade

Your feline should have resting places at home where shade is predominant. If the location of your home is not possible, lower the blinds or throw the curtains to prevent the direct entry of the sun through the windows.

In this way, your cat will have shaded areas throughout the house to be able to take refuge from the heat of the sun. You can also moisten or leave socks with ice in places where you know your cat likes to be to cool the environment.

Ice toys

Ice is a great ally to cool your cat on very hot days. Try giving him some directly so that he can refresh himself while playing with them, that is, he sees them as another toy with which to entertain himself.

If you see that your cat does not react well to ice directly, you can choose to freeze one of its toys. In this way it will be a trusted object that will not cause you so much rejection. You can find in this other article on How to make homemade toys for cats.

Ice cream for cats

Ice cream for cats is another foolproof method to get them to cool off. It is a snack very easy to make and irresistible for your feline. Take a can of your favorite food and pass it through the blender adding some unsalted chicken broth.

With the mixture beaten, you put it in a mold and store it in the freezer. When it is completely frozen, you can give it to him to eat it little by little and refresh.

Brushing frequently

Brushing your cat frequently is important at all times of the year, but especially in summer, as it is essential to cool it down. The dead hairs that felines accumulate in their fur prevent them from expelling heat, so getting rid of them will help them cool down.

This trick will be much more effective by soaking the brush with water before brushing itself. In this way you will be able to moisten your coat, keeping it fresh for longer. It is another simple resource to apply and very effective, helping your feline to cool off by getting rid of winter fur.

Wet the pads of their paws

Cats do not have sweat glands distributed throughout the body as in the case of humans, but they have them in very specific areas of their body, as is the case of the pads of their paws. A good trick to cool off during the summer is to wet their legs and the pads located in this area to regulate their temperature.

They, in themselves, already wet these areas based on licks, but the effect will be much more noticeable if we let them with fresh water and regularly.

Air conditioning or fan

A cool bed adapted to the high temperatures of summer is important, since it will not be the same as you will need compared to winter. To adapt the bed, you can put a refreshing blanket on top or inside so that it acts and cools your cat whenever it lies on top.

In addition, you must create a rest area in which the air runs: to achieve this, place your bed near the air conditioning or the fan, but with a precautionary distance so that it does not contact the device and can hurt itself.

Plastic pool

If you have a garden or terrace, you can buy a small plastic pool like the baby pool and place it in this area of the house so that your cat can bathe in it. You should fill it with a little cold water, but without too much water: the feline needs to stand in the pool to be safe and comfortable in it.

If you do not have an outdoor space to place a small pool, you can always place a basin full of water in the shower or bathtub so that your cat can comfortably enjoy a while soaking.

Refreshing retreat

If your cat is one of those who likes to get into the ins and outs, take advantage and prepare a refreshing shelter. Prepare a cardboard box and cover it with a damp towel. Take the opportunity to leave inside a sock with several ice inside, thus creating a perfect fresh oasis for the feline.

With this simple trick you will get a quiet space for your cat in a cool environment and away from the sun’s rays. If you found this article useful, we recommend this one about Heat stroke in cats: symptoms and what to do.

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