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How to refresh a dog

How to refresh a dog

The intense heat of summer affects the health of a dog. As with people, high temperatures can reduce dogs’ desire to move and their appetite. They can even suffer much more serious consequences such as the dreaded heat stroke. Therefore, it is important to protect them from the suffocating heat and know the best way for them to cool off.

How to refresh a dog

Taking care of your dog entails a series of unavoidable obligations such as food, hygiene, daily walks, physical exercise, education and affection. In summer, it is essential to take extreme precautions about your health in the heat and cooling it will help your body temperature to regulate. To find out how to refresh a dog and the best methods to get it, in we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Protect it from the sun

Protecting your little furry from solar radiation is essential so that he does not suffer the consequences of high temperatures. In this sense, try to have a cool resting place at home and that is protected from the sun, especially in the hours of higher temperature of the day.

These measures apply whether you live in an indoor house, without a garden or balcony, or if you live in a house with an outdoor area.

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Keep you well hydrated

Hydration is one of the most effective ways to refresh your dog. Therefore, it is important that you leave fresh and clean water in your drinking fountain 24 hours a day. Frequently, you should check that there is water left in the drinking fountain and that it is not exposed to the sun, since in this way in summer it is easier for the water to evaporate or heat up and your dog stops drinking.

Another way to make sure your dog stays well hydrated is to place more drinking fountains at home during the summer, especially near the area where he usually rests. So, even if you don’t feel like moving, you’ll always have a drinking fountain nearby. Water is important anywhere, not just at home: bring a bottle and a portable drinking fountain when you go for a walk, go hiking or take a trip with your little furry car.

Refresh the atmosphere

Air conditioning, one of the great allies of the human being in summer to combat high temperatures and maintain a cool environment, also helps to cool your dog. It is a good measure to lower the ambient temperature a few degrees.

If you do not have air conditioning, opt for the use of the fan making sure that it is not too close to your dog so that it does not bother the noise or be dangerous to its physical integrity.

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Prepare homemade ice cream

Putting an ice cube in his drinking fountain can be a good way to cool your dog’s water and refresh him by drinking it. Ice is not harmful to dogs and, in case the water gets too cold for your furry friend, leave at his disposal another drinker without any cubes so he can choose the water he wants.

In addition, with ice you can prepare homemade toys: you only need an ice cream pan or a plastic container, water and feed. Mix the feed with the water and, once the water freezes, you remove the block of ice and pass it under the water to prevent your tongue from snagging. Thus, you can give it to your dog.

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Adapt your bed

Many dogs choose to rest on the ground during the summer. This could be because your bed is too hot and not ideal for the heat. In the market, you will find a wide variety of beds manufactured to promote the dispersion of heat, such as beds raised from the floor or those made with breathable material.

There are also cooling mats that will help your dog maintain a good body temperature. The most important thing is that, when resorting to mats, your little furry can always choose where to place himself to rest.

Wet your body with water

Wet your dog’s head and trunk to cool him down. It’s a good way to get your body temperature down. Dogs do not sweat like humans: the water with which their body gets wet, when evaporated, causes an effect similar to sweat.

Placing a dog pool in the garden is also a good alternative to cool your furry friend.


Brushing your dog frequently is a good way to promote molting and be able to remove the undercoat, that is, a woollier and finer hair of the coat that serves to give warmth during the winter. Depending on your dog’s coat, the way to brush it will be one way or another.

  • Short hair: brush twice in the direction of the hair to remove possible tangles and once against the grain to remove dead cells. You can brush one last time in the direction of the hair so that a well-combed coat remains.
  • Medium hair: first you must pass a comb to undo tangles before continuing with brushing. This will prevent possible pulls. For brushing, longer bristle brushes are recommended.
  • Long hair: remove the knots with a comb and wet their fur before continuing with brushing. In these cases, it is advisable to brush it with a long-bristled brush and in small strands.
  • Curly hair: in this case you should use a comb with spikes with blunt and separated tips to avoid pulling. Finish with brushing in the direction of the hair so that it is well combed.

Cutting her hair

It is not necessary to shave the hair, but it is necessary to trim it if it is very long, especially in the belly to favor a better regulation of its body temperature. When cutting your dog’s hair, try to leave it between 2 and 3 centimeters in length because the hair partly serves to protect it from sunburn and heat.

To avoid problems with your pet’s coat, you can choose to go to a dog groomer. The professionals of these centers will know how to advise you and, in case of recommending a haircut, they will be able to do it without endangering the health of the animal.

Feed him at cool hours

On days when your dog has less appetite for heat, we recommend that you give him food in the cooler hours such as at night or first thing in the morning. You can also choose to feed him more wet food, such as pâtés or canned food. In addition, you can put it in the freezer to make easy canine ice cream.

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Avoid physical activity in the warmer hours

Go for a walk with your dog in the less warm time slots. In this way you avoid exposure to intense solar radiation. Also, pay attention to your furry little one to prevent him from exercising intensely. You also have to take into account where you take your pet for a walk: one possibility is to go to shopping centers or air-conditioned spaces. If you prefer nature, keep in mind that they are shaded spaces, if there is still sun, and have access to drinking water.

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